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Book delves into blogging and podcasting

Posted on: March 27, 2009

"What No One Ever Tells You About...Blogging and Podcasting"

"What No One Ever Tells You About...Blogging and Podcasting"

As a new blogger, I decided to scan the library selections online to see what books of wisdom they carried to help me become more familiar with blogs.  “What No One Ever Tells You About…Blogging and Podcasting” intrigued me, and even better, it was available at a nearby library.

Ted Demopoulos interviewed 101 people, who already blog and podcast, and he got their advice on the importance of these two forms of communication.  Demopoulos breaks down the book into eight parts with introductions and one- or two-page interviews throughout the parts.

Included in The Basics, number 6, Bob Cargill, a creative director and copywriter, explains the value of blogging.  Cargill used his blog as a tool in his job search.  He also said that employers should appreciate employees who blog because they stay up-to-date on their field as they write about it.

In Part 2, number 35, David Markovitz, president of GMP Training Systems, Inc., explains how his company blog or as he prefers to call it, “Web portal,” supplies timely, useful information from the FDA Web site to those working in FDA-regulated companies.

Mommy Gretchen Vogelzang found herself podcasting with fellow mommy, Paige Heninger, after Vogelzang’s husband expressed an interest in learning about podcasts.  Within a year, their “Mommycast” served approximately 100,000 listeners, created more publicity and money than expected and landed Dixie as a corporate sponsor.

 Fred Minnick, a veteran who blogged while serving in Iraq, explains that military blogs provide a way for the military to present their side of the story.  He said, “The military feels the mainstream media is biased against them.”

The book presents other examples of positive ways to use blogs and podcasts.  It suggests tips to start blogs and podcasts and emphasizes the need for common sense in order to avoid the consequences of saying or writing something not for the public.  Item number 7 gives reasons for monitoring blogs and lists free tools to do the job.

Demopoulos provides a great little, easy-to-read book with a wide range of topics to educate both veteran and rookie bloggers and podcasters.


3 Responses to "Book delves into blogging and podcasting"

Thanks for the great comments Janice — glad you found my book helpful.

Janice, I’ll check it out. I hope the others get a look at your blog. Thanks.

I’d like to read stories about other bloggers experiences, so I think I might check out the book you suggested. Thanks

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