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Wonderful life accessible through ‘Finding Your Own North Star’

Posted on: April 10, 2009

"Finding Your Own North Star"

"Finding Your Own North Star"

Life coach Martha Beck sets out a program to help readers find the life they are meant to live in her book, “Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming the Life You Were Meant to Live.”

Throughout the book, Beck asks hard questions in numerous exercises that she expects readers to answer truthfully in order to discover the path to their own North Star.  Beck divulges personal experiences and how she worked through them to get to her own North Star.  She also gives examples of clients and their problems and how together they work through them.  She refuses to sugar-coat the steps that clients need to follow.

“If you actually do all the exercises I’ve written into this book so far,” says Beck, “you’ll end up either pleased as punch or scared to death.”

Unlike other motivational self-help books, Beck fills her book with a good dose of humor in addition to concrete methods of leading the life you want.  She takes the reader through the change cycle, so they know exactly what to expect.  Beck tells the reader that steps may be hard as well as painful, but she describes in detail all the events and steps involved in the process.

Each of us possesses a social self and an essential self, explains Beck.  The essential self came with you at birth and “first, it is the essence of your personality, and second, you absolutely need it to find your North Star.”  The social self developed over time from rules and regulations and the pressures of people around you.

By following the relaxed essential self instead of the rigid social self, finding the way to your North Star becomes much more fun and easy, explains Beck.  Beck includes a quiz designed to test if readers’ essential self and social self work together.  If the quiz reveals readers already operate with their North Star, Beck congratulates them and suggests they stop reading the book and live their wonderful lives.



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