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‘Bones in the Desert’ tells the whole story

Posted on: May 16, 2009

"Bones in the Desert"

"Bones in the Desert"

The news story hit the airwaves in December 2004, Loretta Bowersock was missing under unusual circumstances.  Her daughter, Terri, owner of a multimillion-dollar Tempe, Ariz. business, put out fliers and set up interviews with the news media to find her missing mother.  In the meantime, Taw Benderly, Loretta’s companion, tried to prove his brilliance by making up one story after another about Loretta’s disappearance.

The story continues with Terri’s acceptance that her mother is dead at the hands of Benderly and buried somewhere in the desert.  Before she can get Benderly to reveal her mother’s whereabouts, Benderly takes his life, and Terri turns to psychics and the public to find her mother’s remains. 

In her book, “Bones in the Desert,” Jana Bommersbach uses all her investigative and writing talents to disclose the events that led up to Loretta Bowersock’s death.  Through interviews with friends, family and Loretta’s journals, Bommersbach tells how a beautiful, confident, independent business woman undergoes the sinister, calculating abuse of the man she loves-details the media never take the time to reveal and circumstances most people would never know.

With the same drive Terri exercises to find her mother’s body, Bommersbach also leaves no stone unturned as she writes every detail leading up to the murder, burial and search for Loretta.  Better than any fiction mystery thriller, you won’t be able to put this book down until you find out every detail leading up to this tragedy.  Although the two most important people in the story can’t answer interview questions, Bommersbach tenaciously investigates every avenue until she  completes Loretta’s story.


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