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Freelance writer shares knowledge

Posted on: May 30, 2009

"Getting Started as a Freelance Writer"

"Getting Started as a Freelance Writer"

I always enjoy reading Robert W. Bly’s books and articles about writing.  He gets to the point and makes a lot of sense, and since he earns a cool $600,000 a year, I figure he knows the writing business.

His expanded and revised version of “Getting Started as a Freelance Writer”gives a freelance writer all the information needed to set up and maintain a successful freelance writing business.  Bly begins by examining why someone wants to be a writer; he lists the 10 secrets of success; he examines what it takes to be a writer; and he lists three things-read, write and take courses-to improve writing skills.

The book contains a  list of items needed to maintain an efficient office and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of leasing an office or setting up a home office.  Throughout the book, Bly includes other writers’ opinions and tips on subjects. 

Bly discusses every type of writing a freelancer can pursue and gives income rages for each one.  He gives examples of how to market writing services and makes suggestions on how to make the best use of time.  The book encompasses every aspect of freelance writing and is well worth the $19.95 purchase price.  I recommend it as one of those reference books to keep close at hand.


2 Responses to "Freelance writer shares knowledge"

Gotta read that!

Thanks. I will be buying this book.

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