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Expert writes guide for publishing process

Posted on: June 6, 2009

I received my July/August issue of Writer’s Digest this week.  The magazine always provides informative articles on all aspects of writing.  This issue contains a special section on Publishing 101.  Experts provide writers in-depth articles on how to succeed in the industry. 

One of the contributors, Jerry D. Simmons, shares his 25 years of New York publishing experience in an article entitled Your Step-by-Step Guide to the Publishing Process.  Simmons takes readers through the publishing process, so they know how to help make their books a success.  He explains the 90/10 rule and what it means to authors.  He gives a list of the six largest publishing companies along with a brief on each one.

Simmons gives tips on things writers can do while they complete their book.  Then he goes through each step from acquisition through the production and sale of a book.  He summarizes the steps and gives tips on how and why the writer needs to stay involved in the process.

The success of a writer’s first book probably determines whether a second book is published.  Sell-through helps determine the profitability of the book and the success of the author, and Simmons defines sell-through and gives an example.

Even though I’m not presently writing a book, the information contained in this article helped me understand the publishing process.  Simmons also supplies more helpful writing and publishing information on his Web sites WritersReaders.com and NothingBinding.  

A free eNewsletter, Tips for Writers from the Publishing Insider, keeps readers up-to-date on everything going on in the publishing industry while also offering writing tips.  To give writers a more detailed perspective on publishing and how it affects their success, Simmons wrote the book, “What Writers Need to Know About Publishing,” 


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Thanks Janice. I appreciate you digging up these gems.

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