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Bestselling author shows how she writes

Posted on: June 21, 2009

Janet Evanovich shows "How I Write."

Janet Evanovich shows "How I Write."

A fellow writer, Bonnie Wentzel, loaned me some great books to read.  One, “How I Write” by Janet Evanovich with Ina Yalof, showed how the writer went about putting together her bestselling books. 

Evanovich went into detail on creating her characters, writing and researching the book, planning plot and point of view, editing and revising and getting her book published.  She also gave insights into her life as a writer.  She shared tips on overcoming writer’s block, handling rejection and setting aside personal time for the other joys in life.

A handy Appendix at the end of the book gives writers valuable information on such things as contests, organizations, useful Web sites and query letters.  Evanovich supplied an introduction of her characters in her Stephanie Plum series of books.  I wondered how Evanovich became so knowledgeable about bail bondsman and the police department, and she revealed her research techniques in one of the sections in the book.

The descriptions she uses and the action associated with the characters and the plot made me pick up my first Stephanie Plum book, “One for the Money.”  Since I usually read nonfiction books, this series works to allow me to read while just plain enjoying myself.  The content contains hilarious moments of adventure, suspense and everyday life.  The characters and the conversations made me laugh, and I marveled at the many different ways that Plum got herself into and out of tight situations and the numerous ways she destroyed cars.

I recently picked up two more volumes of the series and have only two more plus the new “Finger Lickin’ Fifteen” to read before I complete the series.  If you want to know the secrets to writing a successful series of books, “How I Write” lays it all out, and if you want to laugh and forget about your troubles, read the Stephanie Plum series of books.


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