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Arizona photographer shares experiences

Posted on: July 18, 2009

Robert Stieve, editor at Arizona Highways magazine, uses Twitter to update his followers of events involving the magazine.  Recently he posted the following Tweet at azhighways: Gary Ladd, one of our premier photographers, will be giving a lecture tonight at Glendale Public Library, 7 p.m. Details: 928-779-2195.8:27 AM Jul 16th from web.

Foothills Branch Library in Glendale, Ariz. puts on a number of great, free lectures.  The Grand Canyon Association co-sponsored this Canyon Country Community Lecture Series.  By 7 p.m., the Roadrunner Room at Foothills Branch Library was filled to almost overflowing with people anxious to see the photos of Gary Ladd and hear his lecture.  Some smart alecks up front snickered when they saw Gary Ladd take slide carousels from a metal box, but they took back their snide remarks about slides versus digital photos when they saw the images on the screen.

Gary Ladd explained that he shot photographs of the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell and the Vermilion Cliffs for this lecture series.  He shared his experiences during the slide show and laced the commentary with a good dose of humor.  His photos reflect not only the beauty of the landscape, but also the photographic talent he possesses.

Ladd used a large format camera to take his images.  On hikes he said his pack weighed at least 70 pounds when filled with his equipment and all of his other provisions.  A few month ago, Ladd says he stopped taking slides and switched to a digital camera.

Ladd shares and documents on film hair-raising hikes over terrain where he says he had to turn off his internal alarm system to complete the hike.  Photos show river rafting and camping on the Colorado River as well as leisurely houseboating on Lake Powell.  Many colorful characters invited Ladd to accompany them on hikes to isolated destinations.

The audience took in every photo and every word during the evening, and Ladd answered questions at the end of the presentation.  No one hurried to leave the presentation and some remained to buy one of his books and get it autographed.

The following YouTube shows Gary Ladd’s Canyon Experience as he presented it in December 2008 at the Flagstaff Cline Library.  The YouTube shows Ladd’s wit and wisdom during the lecture, but in no way does it duplicate the beauty of his photos, which need to be seen in person. 



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