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Ancient wisdom applies to modern problems

Posted on: August 9, 2009

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer writes 'Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Life.'

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer writes 'Change Your Thoughts-Change Your Life.'

As the author of over 30 books, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer undertook the task of translating the 81 verses of the Tao Te Ching written by Lao-tzu over 2,500 years ago.  Dyer writes essays for each verse that explain and apply their meaning to modern problems in Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life.

I read this book every morning, and it continues to give me a new outlook on life.  Dyer presents the verse and then writes a three or four page essay to explain the meaning and to tie the meaning to today’s events. 

In these hard economic times when we have more time on our hands, this book sends a reassuring message to appreciate the things we have and enjoy the beauty surrounding us.  Dyer uses familiar quotes from poems to make relevant points, he places bold-faced comments like “practice gratitude and contentment every day” throughout the essays, he uses personal analogies to illustrate points and he assigns tasks to practice the Tao at the end of each essay.

In verse 67, Dyer writes of the three treasures – mercy, frugality and humility- to live a successful Tao-styled life.  Verse 57 gives our leaders a dose of much needed wisdom on how to live without authoritarianism as he writes, “The essential message in this 57th verse is to allow rather than interfere.”  

The book gives readers hope and it imparts serenity while giving an understanding of the events they encounter and how to handle them in a beneficial way.  Reading this book starts the day off on a positive note.


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