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Online class teaches secrets of search engine optimization

Posted on: August 23, 2009

Recently I had a chance to do some Web content writing.  I enjoyed it and decided to gain more knowledge about the search engine optimization part of Web content writing by enrolling in a Paradise Valley Community College noncredit online class.

The classstarted on Wednesday, July 15 and continued for six weeks with a new lesson posted every Wednesday and Friday for a total of 12 lessons.  The instructor Bob Viers started out with a step-by-step presentation of search engine optimization and encouraged students to drop by the discussion area to share assignment results or ask questions. 

Viers started each chapter with new terms and then launched into his lesson for that day.  The lessons contained useful information on how to successfully approach search engine optimization.  Viers gave us information on free Web sites to go to in order to complete the assignments he gave us, and these Web sites continue to be valuable after the class.

At the end of each lesson, students receive a list of supplementary material to expand and enhance the information covered in the lesson.  A frequently asked question and answer and a relevant assignment also get posted in this area.

I especially liked the discussion area because students post their findings, ask questions, answer other students questions or just browse through the posted questions and answers.  After the completion of each chapter, students take an online quiz which is graded seconds after submission to identify any areas that need further study or explanation. 

Viers provided an index for the lessons, which I appreciate, since I print out and put each lesson into a three-ring binder with labeled tabs.  He also gave two book recommendations, “Don’t Make Me Think” and “Google Analytics 2.0,” for further study.

At the completion of the lessons, students go online and take a final exam consisting of 36 questions.  After obtaining a final exam score of 65 percent or higher, students print out personalized completion certificates to file or frame.  At a cost of $99, this class provided the additional knowledge I wanted on search engine optimization while I learned and studied on my own schedule from home.


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