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‘Writer’s Market’ provides guidance to writers

Posted on: August 29, 2009

'2010 Writer's Market' provides answers for writers.

'2010 Writer's Market' provides answers for writers.

The new “2010 Writer’s Market” 89th annual edition provides not only markets for writers’ work, but also informative articles to help writers get started with a writing career or improve their existing career.

The beginning of the book shows readers how to use the book and get the most out of it.  Symbols and abbreviations inside the front cover and on a tear-out bookmark give readers the meanings of symbols shown throughout the book and explain dollar amounts paid and abbreviations used in individual listings.

The section on basics includes Before Your First Sale, Query Letter Clinic, which includes samples of good and bad query letters, Freelance Newspaper Writing 101 and Reasons for Rejection just to name a few.  The beyond the basics section lists information on Minding the Details, Launching Your Freelance Business and How Much Should I Charge?

The reader finds listings for literary agents, book publishers, Canadian book publishers, small presses, consumer magazines, trade journals, newspapers, screenwriting, playwriting, greeting cards and contests & awards.  The book contains over 3,500 listings.  A resource category directs writers to professional organizations within the industry and an alphabetic glossary defines terms.

Finally, readers choose from the book publishers subject index or the general index to find information.  This 1169 page guide contains a wealth of information.  Readers may also choose the “2010 Writer’s Market Deluxe”guide including online information.


3 Responses to "‘Writer’s Market’ provides guidance to writers"

This is a helpful book. How much does it cost these days? Where can students find a good deal?

I got my edition at Borders for $29.99 plus tax minus 40 percent from one of their e-mail coupons. I think that the deluxe edition runs $49.99 plus tax. I think it’s worth the price just for the How Much Should I Charge? section.

This looks like a great book Janice, I’ll have to go take a look.

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