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Expert reveals all that Twitters

Posted on: September 13, 2009

Paul McFedries writes "twitter: Tips, Tricks, and Tweets."

Paul McFedries writes "twitter: Tips, Tricks, and Tweets."

Last semester, I took a Writing for Online Media class with Joe Gannon at Paradise Valley Community College.  We learned how to Twitter.  I now find that Twitter supplies me with great information on all kinds of news, networking and sports information, so I decided to learn more about Twitter.

Paul McFedries wrote “twitter: Tips, Tricks, and Tweets” a great book for those who really do want to know everything about Twitter.  The book explains who might be interested in Twitter and how to set up a Twitter account.

McFedries spends time giving in depth how to instructions on every aspect covered in the book.  He explains why Twitter chose 140 characters, how to manage the characters, shorten URLs and use characters in Twitter posts.

Occasionally tweets get posted with grammar and spelling errors.  Twitter doesn’t allow edits of updates, but a delete procedure allows removal of these tweets.

The book also defines hashtags (#) and to use them to define and reference topics.  FollowFriday gives you people who others recommend for follow.  This gives those on Twitter a great way to find interesting people to follow.

The book also explains how to search for followers or for topics.  A list of gadgets and widgets expands the use of Twitter.  McFedries covers every aspect of Twitter, and the book is ideal guide for beginners or veterans in the Twitterverse.


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