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Associated Press revises ‘Stylebook,’ offers help on Twitter

Posted on: September 20, 2009

The Associated Press presents new revised and updated "Stylebook."

The Associated Press presents new revised and updated "Stylebook."

The Associated Press recently released its new revised and updated 2009 version of “The Assoicated Press Stylebook.”  This guidebook serves as an invaluable reference for journalists, editors and students.

The Stylebook not only contains an A to Z reference guide, but it also contains sections on business, sports and punctuation guidelines, media law, editing marks, a bibliography and information on the Associate Press.  The new edition contains a complete update of all the information from A to Z, which appear in the listing on the What’s New page of the book.

Readers find easier access to items and more cross references in this version of the Stylebook.  For example, the Stylebook now lists each state in alphabetic order and gives information under “state.”

The Stylebook Key page explains, “This updated and revised version of The Associated Press Stylebook has been organized like a dictionary.”  The page provides a key with illustrations to make use of the Stylebook easy and efficient.

For questions not specifically answered in the Stylebook, a Twitter account at @APStylebook gives Twitter users a chance to pose their questions to the Twitter community by using #APStyle.  An example of an answer using Twitter is: “#APStyle tip: ABM is acceptable on all references for anti-ballistic missile, also known as interceptor rockets. http://bit.ly/ZRWV9.”

Ask the Editor also gives users another option for asking specific questions.  Whether purchasing the paperback or spiral bound Stylebook or subscribing online, the 2009 version of “The Associated Press Stylebook” remains an invaluable tool for anyone in the industry.


2 Responses to "Associated Press revises ‘Stylebook,’ offers help on Twitter"

As a journalist, I love the idea of someone doing a book review on the AP style guide, and I think you did a fabulous job. I am curious as to why you added a web address directly into the copy instead of hyperlinking and embedding it?

Hi Le,
I’m glad you enjoyed the post. The Web address that shows up in the post is part of an actual Twitter post from an @APStylebook answer to someone who posed a questions using #APStyle.

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