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Palin not retreating, reloading

Posted on: February 7, 2010

Sarah Palin writes "Going Rogue: An American Life."

Sarah Palin writes "Going Rogue: An American Life."

Sarah Palin’s dad coined the phrase, “Sarah’s not retreating; she’s reloading” after Palin announced on July 3, 2009 that she would step down as governor of Alaska. 

Palin’s new memoir “Going Rogue,” taken from a phrase in reference to Palin during the presidential campaign,  follows here life through growing up in Alaska, graduating from college, raising a family and entering politics.  The book details how Palin’s journey in politics evolves from her position as Wasilla city councilwoman to her acceptance to run with Senator John McCain as the vice presidential candidate. 

The book shows how family and faith enter into the decisions she makes as she manuevers through political trials and tribulations.  She outlines her approach to using common sense ways of attacking problems and following the voice of the people and her own conscience. 

She includes her family in her campaign experiences, but doesn’t lose sight of important family moments likes birthdays and holidays.  Even getting to her son Track’s U.S. Army boot camp graduation ceremony presents political obstacles that she and her family overcome.  

“We made it to Track’s U.S. Army boot camp graduation ceremony in time for Todd to put the blue cord on our son’s right shoulder,” writes Palin.  “The young soldier, along with thousands of others in a Stryker Brigade, later deployed to Iraq for a year.  This was one of our proudest days.” 

Along the way, she also includes the rich heritage of what it means to be an Alaskan and some of the different events unique to the 49th state. 

Palin lets people know how she moved from councilwoman to mayor and still managed to run a home and care for her family even during personal crises.  Her unexpected defeat of Alaska’s governor also shows how hard work with a grassroots effort can payoff.  Once she obtained the office of governor, she also made sure that she stuck to her campaign promises and cut out wasteful spending and worked toward getting the much-anticipated gasline bill planned and enacted. 

The book goes into great detail with a behind-the-scenes look at the presidential campaign.  She explains how things became twisted in the media, and how her normal open and honest campaign strategy became curtailed by the higher-ups in the campaign. 

Palin also explains what led up to her decision to leave her post as governor and how her faith and living in Alaska gave her the confidence and ethical background to make the decision even though it could have meant the end of her political career. 

The book includes color photos that enhance the copy by showing Palin and her family living their lives.  I found the book a great read and it clarifies some of the innuendos and partial truths reported by the media from Palin’s side.  Anyone who wants to know more about Palin and her way-of-doing-politics or who wants to supplement the medias’ coverage of Palin should read this book.

Photo by Janice L. Semmel


4 Responses to "Palin not retreating, reloading"

You make me want to read this!

Still iffy on reading this since Palin irks me on how dishonest, and frankly ignorant she has come off many times. But you did a wonderful job recounting what the book is about, I may have to pick it up just to see if my opinion on her can be validated through it.

Tegan, get it at the library. It’s an easy read, and it may clarify some things for you.

Hey good review, I managed to read for 3 minutes about Sarah Palin with not one violent incident.

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