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Learn what’s in your numbers

Posted on: February 28, 2010

Sallie Christopher uses numbers to buy a reliable car, but she also teaches students at Paradise Valley Community College the value of numbers and how they play a part in their lives.

Sallie Christopher answers questions during her class at Paradise Valley Community College.

Sallie Christopher answers questions during her class at Paradise Valley Community College.

Christopher teaches a numerology class, which she keeps lively and intimate.  Students receive a number of handouts during class.  The handouts contain the history of numerology and a bibliography of numerology books that Christopher uses and recommends. She supplies worksheets to compute such things as student’s personal year, universal year and life path and charts to explain numerological findings.

Whenever a student experiences problems with calculations or asks questions, she makes sure that they understand everything before moving on.  She also discusses questions before and after class.

Christopher really uses numerology to purchase a reliable vehicle.  Her class learns the method to calculate the number for this decision by using the numbers contained in the vehicle identification number.  Vehicles with two contain electrical problems, and vehicles with seven require frequent repairs.

In one instance, the manager at a dealership approached Christopher and said he heard she used the VIN to purchase the vehicle.  She told him she used numerology to make her decision.  The manager asked her for the calculation because he owned a problem ridden vehicle.  The next day when Christopher returned to the dealership, the manager told her he put his car on the market because the vehicle was a seven.

I completed her numerology class and learned a lot about myself and how to improve my life using numerology.  Christopher teaches other noncredit courses at PVCC with her next class, I Ching, scheduled for April 27.

Photo by Janice Semmel


1 Response to "Learn what’s in your numbers"

Very cool! I had no idea they taught a class in I Ching. I’m impressed.

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