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‘The Shack’ answers hard question

Posted on: January 31, 2011

"The Shack" presents a realistic scenario.
“The Shack” presents a realistic scenario.

“The Shack” tackles the question, “Why would God let such a horrible thing happen?” We’ve all asked that question about natural disasters, wars, crimes, the loss of a loved one and other things. Author Wm. Paul Young gives a dramatic example of a heinous crime and the answer to that question directly from God.

Six-and-a-half-year old Missy disappeared on a camping trip with her dad, Mackenzie Allen Philips, and his two older children, Josh and Kate. In the commotion of a water rescue, an evil man snatched Missy from the campgrounds. The frantic search after her disappearance revealed signs of a possible murder in an old, abandoned shack in the woods, but gave no clue as to Missy’s whereabouts.

The story takes the reader through the search for the missing child and the anguish felt by the entire family when clues reveal her possible murder. Four years after the crime, Philips receives an invitation in his mailbox from God. He decides to accept the invitation, which takes him back to the abandoned shack and the unsolved disappearance of his daughter.

The dialogue and the descriptions contained in the book leave the reader wondering whether this could possibly be true. It shows the feelings of a family and how they suffer after a tragedy occurs in their lives and how they conquer their doubts and questions with God, faith, love and care for each other.

The book keeps the reader glued to its pages to find out what happened to Missy, and who sent the invitation to her dad. Is it really God or only a cruel joke played by someone who knew the story? Does Philips find out what happened to Missy or will he die never knowing the answer? And was Missy alone and afraid during her ordeal? Read the book to find the answers.


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