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Book focuses on family, faith, freedom

Posted on: February 15, 2011

Sarah Palin writes "America by Heart."

Sarah Palin writes "America by Heart."

In Sarah Palin’s second book, “America by Heart” she shares her travels and meetings across the country and compares how past presidents, their families and the Founding Fathers thought with how politicians and folks think today.

She says in a chapter titled America the Exceptional that saying something nice about America brings on accusations “of being a closed-minded nativist, one of those dangerous hicks clinging to her guns, her God, and her country.”

 She states that critics think America’s not just wrong, it’s bad. Palin uses the  SB1070 bill passed in Arizona to prove her point. Most people don’t look at what the bill does, they just say it’s wrong. She cites the negative comments made about it from the apologies of the Obama administration to the admonishment by Mexican President Felipe Calderon at a congressional session.

 Her style of comparing one thing to another and actually siting specific instances to back up her beliefs makes the book a refreshing read. She goes into detail, brings in quotes from speeches or passages from past presidents and their families. She uses new quotes, some from president’s no one would ever notice. She doesn’t discriminate.

 Palin intertwines her family into the book. She discusses her son Track’s deployment, her daughter Bristol’s unexpected pregnancy and the love and sacrifices her family shared as she grew up.

I liked the book, but then I like Sarah Palin, and I also live in Arizona, so as is the case with most folks, you either love it or hate it.

 Photo by Janice Semmel


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Hi Janice
Unfortunately, many across the USA are not listening to Arizonans with clear minds and open hearts.

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