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Channeled writing unlocks mysteries of Divine

Posted on: March 27, 2011

"Writing the Divine" by Sara Wiseman explains channeling and much more.
“Writing the Divine” by Sara Wiseman explains channeling and much more.

After attending my first channeling session, I decided I needed to learn more about the subject. Since I’m also a writer, the book “Writing the Divine” by Sara Wiseman made a connection on both levels.

“As I considered my assignment – for yes, it was an assignment – it also dawned on me that the biggest cosmic joke of all (and there are many) is that just when you think you’ve finally figured out what you’re supposed to be doing (e.g., writing your novel), you discover that you are quite definitely supposed to be doing… something else,” writes Wiseman.

Wiseman writes with humor and simplicity. The reader understands exactly what she’s talking about and can relate to the real life situations that she writes about in Part One of “Writing the Divine.”

After defining channeling, she goes on to explain how to channel. Wiseman recounts stories of her channeling experiences and gives a history of channeling and channeled writing. She  also tells the reader exactly what to expect. She cuts no corners, but she keeps everything light and interesting, so the reader wants to know more.

In Part Two, The 33 Lessons, Wiseman tells how the 33 lessons came to her. She records exactly what Constance, Miriam and Another dictate to her. The full 33 lessons appear in this part of the book with exercises also dictated for each lesson.

If you’ve ever wondered about channeling, spirit guides and the Divine, this book covers the entire gamut in a well-written, light-hearted form. I would recommend it to anyone with a curiosity and desire to grow and understand the channeling and the Divine.


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