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Gentle soul, friend shares his magical poems, stories

Posted on: August 10, 2011

Sometimes we acquire friends in the strangest places, but they turn out to be our dearest friends. Even though I’ve never met Tiger Windwalker in person, I’ve tweeted with him @coyotedolphin on many occasions and spent some anxious moments as we searched for a missing, well-loved peep.

Tiger and I don’t always see eye-to-eye on politics, but I love the poems, haikus and quotes he writes and posts online. They always bring a smile to my face and sunshine to my day. We share a love for the creatures and the beauty of the Earth, and we share photos of our surroundings and the creatures that cross our paths when we’re out wandering through God’s country.

Born on the Fourth of July, Tiger is a true firecracker. He writes what he believes and says what he feels. Last night, I spent an enjoyable evening reading his many tweets. He covers all the important things in life and opens my mind to different ideas. Some of his recent tweets include the following:

“Pieces of gold do not necessarily lead to peace of mind.” #TigerQuote

“Poetry is the art of inviting language to evoke indelible images and fragrances in the hearts and minds of readers.”

Recently, Tiger mailed a copy of his book, Walk in Beauty: Journey of a Big Sur Mystic, to me. In the Introduction he writes, “Back in 1992, I began writing poetry to journal powerful changes that were occurring in my life.”

He filled his book with poems, haikus and stories, which are beautifully illustrated by his sister-in-law Kathleen Brock and his friend Robin Strand. The illustrations add to the beauty of Tiger’s writing and the cover beautifully done by Kathleen Brock illustrates the title of the book.

Tiger Windwalker presents his poems in "Walk in Beauty: Journey of a Big Sur Mystic."

Tiger Windwalker presents his poems in "Walk in Beauty: Journey of a Big Sur Mystic."

Upon reading the book, I picked out favorites, but enjoyed all of the submissions. “No Place Else to Go” begins “Tiger, Tiger, Eyes burning bright…” was my first favorite. Not only did I enjoy the poem, but I also envisioned the tiger in the eyes illustrated at the end of the poem.

In “Inside Out,” the poem describes how and why the “great creator” invented the night and the stars. The longest story in the book, “First Frog,” tells the story of the Sun creating First Frog to revamp the Creation project and clean up the solar system. 

About “Song of Esalen,” Tiger says, “That was the first poem I actually wrote after a vision quest changed my life.”

“Walk in Beauty” truly contains beautiful poems and stories filled with peace, love, imagination and magic. Even though I consider Tiger my friend, I would recommend this book even if he wasn’t my friend.

Photo by Janice Semmel


1 Response to "Gentle soul, friend shares his magical poems, stories"

Humble bows from the Tiger.
Thank you for talking about me and my book in such glowing terms. I feel the same way about you. How could this have happened thru the cyber world if it wasn’t meant to be? I am amazed at the friends and good fortune I have experienced thru Twitter. I have also learned how to culture friendships thru heart, humor and genuine concern. Janice is one reason my world is bigger now. I treasure that deeply. Thank you for your friendship and care.

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