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Pirates make surprise appearance

Posted on: May 17, 2012

Visitors who attended the Velma Teague Library Read Local Author Appearance event got a special treat when author J.J.M. Czep’s pirates from her book “Blackstrap’s Ecstasy” showed up at the event. Dressed as Captain Blackstrap Gennie, Czep asked to have some time away from these characters, who seemed to stalk her wherever she appeared.

J.J.M. Czep, author of "Blackstrap's Ecstasy," dressed as the pirate captain, Blackstrap Gennie, at a recent event.

J.J.M. Czep, author of “Blackstrap’s Ecstasy,” dressed as the pirate captain, Blackstrap Gennie, at a recent event.

In good humor, the pirates of The DREAD Fleet behaved themselves long enough for Czep to make her pitch to the audience about her book. This is the first book in a series with the second book, “Max’s Despair,” planned for release by the end of summer 2012.

The book follows the adventures of Blackstrap Gennie as she turns up as noble lady, thief, harem girl, pirate and Blackstrap Gennie, captain of the unique pirate junk, Ecstasy.

"Blackstrap's Ecstasy" follows Captain Blackstrap Gennie on her pirate adventures.

“Blackstrap’s Ecstasy” follows Captain Blackstrap Gennie on her pirate adventures.

The book describes the heroine’s adventures as she travels on different ships to exotic places and displays a knack for getting into and out of trouble. Readers find out how she acquires the junk Ecstasy as her own, and as Czep says, “How she found her crew and how they found her.”

The action never stops in this great book, and once I finished it, I was anxious to go back and read it again. The newest version of the book contains an excerpt from Book 2 and whets the reader’s appetite to find out what happens next in Blackstrap Gennie’s continuing adventures.

When an audience member asked why Czep wrote about pirates when she lives in the desert, Czep replied that the character in her head wouldn’t leave her alone so she wrote about her. After the authors completed their presentations, the pirates descended on the audience and posed for photos and signed copies of “Blackstrap’s Ecstasy.”

Pirates from the DREAD Fleet showed up at a Velma Teague Library event to support author J.J.M.Czep.

Pirates from the DREAD Fleet showed up at a Velma Teague Library event to support author J.J.M.Czep.

The DREAD Fleet and belly dance troupe bint Hazine plan to perform a live stage production based on the “Check, Mate!” script written by Czep at Phoenix Comic Con on May 27 and 28, 2012. I loved the pirates, and I highly recommend the book for a light read that takes the reader away to the adventures of pirates and places only the imagination gets to visit or if you’re as lucky as Czep, like the characters in the DREAD Fleet.

Photos by Janice Semmel


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