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Author explains value of in-between

Posted on: November 22, 2013

Jeff Goins wrote “The In-Between: Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing.” Even though it’s a little book, it contains an enormous amount of information about those times in-between while the author or any of us waits for the next thing to happen.

Jeff Goins writes "The In-Between."

Jeff Goins writes “The In-Between.”

As Goins points out these in-between times of waiting, he brings the reader on his journey through life. Using personal examples, he shows how people, places and events changed his life and how he began to appreciate the waiting in-between. At the end of each chapter, Goins also includes “In-Between Glimpses” of others’ situations and how they handled them or how the event changed their lives.

Many of Goins’ stories relate to readers everyday lives, but others expose the extraordinary opportunities he accepted that some readers think only occur in their dreams. He shows that anything is possible in life. Sometimes it’s just a matter of waiting.

Goins recounts the tale of throwing his mother’s favorite earrings into the snow when she refused to return his Mickey Mantle baseball card. At the age of 11 or 12, it made a great impression on him, and he remembered years later as he traveled home on Christmas break. He writes, “Home is the place where we sometimes hurt the ones we love, but the back door is always open–and there is always a seat at the table.”

At another time, Goins expected to teach English in China for two years until he and his friend Paul auditioned for a band after a live concert. His China plans changed when he was offered an opportunity to play music internationally and lead one of the two teams with Paul leading the other. Goins spent a year traveling, playing music, managing and living with the band members and learning new lessons in the goodness and obstacles of life.

In Goins’ conclusion to the waiting game, he writes that “People don’t hate waiting when they know what they’re waiting for.” He continues on to tell why people become frustrated with the waiting. He also makes other enlightening conclusions about waiting that get the reader to thinking.

I recommend the book for all those impatient, frustrated people who just can’t wait for anything. It’s also a great read for anyone else looking for inspiration and encouragement in their life. It’s a little book and a short read, but it contains a wonderful perspective on life.

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